Know any
member o’ cankind?
Or other
metal man_/_ma'am?

Please contact
His Largeness Santini © This can man went to live in Seal beach, California 1990

There are many more of family cankind who volunteered to leave.

Often that exchange happened in an anonymous circumstance.

Those with me await this presentation;
they are the members of
cast in CanToons.
Your man/ma’am,
too, can be seen on these pages.

Where does yours
hang in your life?

I suggest this -- your first name
Perhaps a bio-region or other location name could be encouraged.

I know there are hundreds of them
unaccounted for out there.
And other metal men, too.
(Please email your jpeg image and caption.)

Other metal men, too.

visit Seekin Others Gallery



mo and jack born and livin’ in
eastern panhandle West Virginia